FAQ regarding Testing Gold, Silver, Tungsten and Fakes

Questions asked about using ultrasound to test gold and silver

Queries regarding purchasing and shipping

You don’t need to create a PayPal account to purchase through PayPal. Most credit and debit cards are accepted at checkout. PayPal’s trusted consumer protection policies apply to purchases from testyourgold.com.

The device should arrive within 10 business days to most parts of the world. You will be sent a tracking number. If tracking shows the package has arrived but you have not received the item, please check your local post office prior to contacting us.

The package for shipping is discrete and free of branding. On customs documents the instrument is described as a metal test gauge.

Queries regarding instrument operation and testing

Due to freight restrictions the device is shipped without batteries.  It requires 4 AA cells.

Coupling gel is included in the kit. Replacement ultrasound gel can be bought from pharmacists. Hand sanitising gel made from glycerine also works well, and is commonly sold in supermarkets.

Gold, silver and platinum bullion and bars with a flat surface and thickness greater than 1.5mm can be tested. Surface sections to be tested must have at least 8mm diameter without heavy embossing or stamping. This is to ensure a reliable coupling for the probe.

Some 100oz cast (poured) silver bars thicker than 25mm can have strong attenuation properties which can make readings inconsistent.  For cast silver 1kg is the recommended maximum bar size for reliable results.

1oz – 100oz cast gold bars
1oz – 100oz minted gold bars
5oz – 1kg cast silver bars
5oz – 100oz minted silver bars
5oz – 100oz minted platinum bars

The device is not recommended for use on coins.  Coins are often heavily embossed or stamped and it can be difficult to get a stable coupling between the coin and the transducer. Results may be inconsistent.

No. Ultrasonic pulses are reflected at the interface between the plastic and metal and returned to the probe which will give a nonsense reading. Transducer coupling needs to be applied directly to the metal surface.