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Ultrasound technology conclusively tests Gold Bars and Silver Bullion

Don’t get scammed by the rapidly growing counterfeiting industry. Silver bullion and gold bars are faked with tungsten and base metal alloys that pass other tests. Ultrasound is the solution to detect fraud. Protect your wealth, equip yourself with a GT-Ultra gold and silver test kit.

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    External testing with no impact to bars

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    Easy to operate for conclusive verification

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    Low cost protection against bullion fraud



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Examples of Fake Gold Bullion and Silver Bars
Video Demonstrations of Ultrasonic Testing
Ultrasonic testing measures ultrasound velocity in gold or silver bars to detect counterfeits.  Gold and tungsten have similar densities but distinct sound velocities due to differing elasticity. Authenticity is assured when the distance ultrasounds travel is the same as the known thickness of the bullion.

Ultrasonics is an advanced technology providing a simple solution to a complex problem. I think it would be impossible to put an insert into a gold bar that you couldn’t detect with ultrasonics.

James Turk recommends using ultrasound as a gold tester

James Turk

Gold Money

Gold bullion bars have been fraudulently adulterated through the insertion of slugs of inexpensive base metal of similar density. These insertions are difficult or impossible to detect through weighing, radiography, or X-ray fluorescence, so some precious metals processors have resorted to drilling or cutting bars to verify integrity. However a simple ultrasonic test can quickly and reliably locate inserts with no need to drill, cut, or otherwise alter the bar.


Ultrasonic Technician


According to our research Chinese counterfeiters are flooding the US, and Europe with very high quality fake US silver dollars, gold coins, gold bars – you name it. We would call this a disaster for the investor, and our big fear is there are probably tens of thousands of investors in the United States, who have been duped.


Piracy and Counterfeiting

America's Watchdog

Bullion fraud is a global problem. The precious metals investment sector is an easy target for sophisticated industrial scale counterfeiters, criminal organizations and scammers. Low cost tungsten is nearly the same density as gold. Lead, tin and other base metals can be alloyed to duplicate the density of silver. Traditional non-destructive silver and gold test methods by density and X-ray spectrometry are incapable of detecting fake bullion and bars with thick gold or silver plating. Ultrasound is the only affordable and conclusive non-destructive method to test gold bars and silver bullion in your home.

Safeguard your investments in gold and silver by purchasing bullion products and verify them with ultrasonic testing.