ultrasonic testing

Authenticate Gold
and Silver Bullion

Detect fraud and prevent loss from counterfeit gold and silver

Bullion fraud is a global problem

Tungsten is the same density as gold.  Simple combinations of low cost metals, usually lead / tin, can be alloyed to match the density of silver.

Ultrasonic verification is the solution

The only conclusive non-destructive test to detect fake counterfeit bullion is by verification of ultrasonic properties. To safeguard precious metals investments, purchase fine bars and test them with ultrasound. 



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ultrasonic testing for gold and silver bullion and bars

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GT-Ultra test kit for gold and silver bullion



Ultrasonic Meter
5MHz 8mm Probe
Glycerol Coupling Gel
Instruction Manual
Carrying Case

  • Convenient: portable and discrete
  • Non-destructive: tests externally
  • Simple: fast and easy to operate
  • Affordable: low-cost protection



  • 1oz - 100oz cast gold bars
  • 1oz - 100oz minted gold bars
  • 5oz - 1kg cast silver bars
  • 5oz - 100oz minted silver bars
  • 5oz - 100oz minted platinum bars
Not recommended for coins and jewellery


Ultrasonic testing is not recommended for coins. Heavily embossed surfaces can make coupling problematic and results may be inconsistent

Jewellery and Scrap

In most cases ultrasound can not be used to determine if jewellery and scrap is solid or plated. A touchstone and acid is more suitable.

Karat and Purity Analysis

Ultrasound not does provide assays for metal purity and alloy composition. It is used to test the inner consistency of bars and bullion.

non-destructive ultrasonic testing

How it Works

Ultrasonic testing measures the velocity of sound in a solid and the distance it travels. Sound velocity is dependent on the elasticity and density of metal. Differences of those properties between bullion metals, and the low cost metals used to counterfeit them, guarantees authentication.

The distance ultrasonic pulses travel through gold and silver bars is compared with the physical width of the bar.

For example: A PAMP Suisse 10oz gold bar has an actual thickness of 8.3mm. If that bar was comprised of tungsten instead of gold, then the ultrasonic thickness would be 5.2mm. The difference between the real thickness and the ultrasonic thickness, is the proportion that the sound velocity for tungsten (5170 m/s) is faster than the sound velocity for gold (3240 m/s). If the actual dimensions of the bullion being tested are not known by mint certificates then a ruler, vernier caliper, or micrometer can be used. Any ultrasonic measurement that varies more than 5% from the known thickness warrants further investigation. 

Additionally,  if bars contain inserts, ultrasonic pulses emitted from the probe will reflect back at the metal interfaces.  Results will be inconsistent and differ significantly from physical thickness to indicate potential fraud.

View these short videos for more information.

testing genuine gold bullion

testing a fake silver bar

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The package for shipping is free of branding. On customs documents the unit is described as metal test gauge.

Due to freight restrictions the device is shipped without batteries.  It requires 4 AA cells.

Coupling gel is included in the kit. Replacement ultrasound gel can be bought from pharmacists. Hand sanitising lotion also works well, and can be found in supermarkets. 

All common gold, silver and platinum bullion and bars with a flat surface and testing thickness greater than 1.5mm can be tested.  Note that some cast (poured) silver bars thicker than 25mm can have strong attenuation properties which can make readings difficult.  It is usually possible to test 100oz cast silver bars, however 1kg is the recommended size for investors.

Enquire for testing very large bars.

Sections to be tested must have at least 8mm diameter at the surface without heavy embossing or stamping. This is to ensure a reliable coupling for the probe.

1oz – 100oz cast gold bars
1oz – 100oz minted gold bars
5oz – 1kg cast silver bars
5oz – 100oz minted silver bars
5oz – 100oz minted platinum bars

Ultrasound testing will not working reliably on coins, jewellery and scrap.

No. Ultrasonic pulses are adversely affected by plastic packaging or cases. The sound waves are reflected at the interface between the plastic and metal and returned to the probe which will give a nonsense reading.

Replacement Warranty for Defective Product

Gauge: 1 year

Probe: 90 days

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10oz tungsten bar encased
in a gold shell

Silver bullion cored and
filled with lead alloy

Hollowed cast bars packed
with tungsten rods

Heated "Engelhard" bar
reveals lead and tin

Genuine Metalor kilobar
with drilled inserts

Silver plated copies flood
online market places

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“Ultrasonics is an advanced technology providing a simple solution to a complex problem. I think it would be impossible to put an insert into a gold bar that you couldn’t detect with ultrasonics.”
“Gold bullion bars have been fraudulently adulterated through the insertion of slugs of inexpensive base metal of similar density. These insertions are difficult or impossible to detect through weighing, radiography, or X-ray fluorescence, so some precious metals processors have resorted to drilling or cutting bars to verify integrity. However a simple ultrasonic test can quickly and reliably locate inserts with no need to drill, cut, or otherwise alter the bar.”
“According to our research Chinese counterfeiters are flooding the US, and Europe with very high quality fake US silver dollars, gold coins, gold bars – you name it. We would call this a disaster for the investor, and our big fear is there are probably tens of thousands of investors in the United States, who have been duped.”