Questions our customers have been asking about using ultrasound to test gold and silver.

Q. Can this be used on coins?

A. The device is not recommended for use on coins, as they are often heavily embossed or stamped and it can be difficult to get a good coupling between the coin and the transducer.

Q. Can this product test through the plastic packaging that some gold bars come in?

A. Ultrasonic testing will not work through plastic packaging or cases. The sound waves are reflected at the interface between the plastic and metal and returned to the probe which will give a nonsense reading.

Q. What can I do when I run out of coupling gel?

A. You can ask your pharmacy for ultrasound gel or hand sanitising gel made from glycerine works well and is available in supermarkets.

Q. I am a dealer interested in purchasing the device in large quantities, can I have a discounted price?

A. We are able to supply the unit at discount prices for bulk orders. Send details via the contact form.

Q. Can you package it so that no one knows what it is being used for?

A. The outside of the package for shipping is free of branding, on shipping documents the unit is labeled as test equipment.

Q. How long before I receive the item?

A. You should receive it in around 10 business days, depending on your shipping address.