HOW TO TEST GOLD – GT-EXPRESS portable gold tester

igemcorp asked:

Purchase here: The GT-EXPRESS Mini Tester is a new instrument in the TRI ELEC…

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  1. Thomas Williams
    9 years ago

    nice video

  2. p4b2d0
    9 years ago

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    This looks like switch and bait to me. I really wish someone would do a realistic unedited video for this unit

  3. Greg Menchov
    9 years ago

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Thank you very much for pointing out our mistake. Originally we were going to use a 14K bracelet, but ended up using a 10K bracelet without correcting the earlier part of the video.

    We’ll be sure to update the video to remove the error in the very near future.

  4. Sam Fawaz
    9 years ago

    Caffeinated Content

    First you said it is a 14k bracelet,, then your tester showed that it is a 10K gold!!?
    who’s wrong? you or the tester!?